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European art should be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean that it should to be boring! We thought of a way of presenting European cultural heritage in an innovative and fun way. Virtual Reality proved to be the perfect way of giving its deserved attention. We created a virtual city for this experience, which is filled with European art and buildings.

Virtual journey through European cultural heritage

#BigArtRide is a new cultural media project: a virtual ride through European cultural heritage, which helps building bridges between Europeans in an innovative and fun way. The setup consists out of two (stationary) bicycles, that are connected to the Virtual Reality experience and Virtual Reality glasses. One of the bicycles is stationed in the Netherlands, where the other will tour European cities from April to June 2016. The contesters can see each other’s avatar during the race.

The cyclists will race to each other in a virtual city, where European art and buildings can be admired. Not a relaxing ride but quite a competitive ride, since Europeans will race live to each other in this networked multiplayer gaming. The goal of the experience is to be the quickest rider crossing Europe by bicycle. However, the experience serves a bigger goal: connecting Europe, its art and its people.


The #BigArtRide is an initiative of Europeana, and is part of their European 280 campaign. Europeana enables people to explore the digital resources of Europe’s galleries, museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections. Other parties such as and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, played a vital role in the design and completion of the project. We are pleased to make our contribution to this project by providing the Virtual Reality experience, the creation of the control panel and connecting the bicycles to the experience.

Dutch Presidency of the EU

The #BigArtRide was initiated to honor the Dutch Presidency of the EU and is part of the Europeana 280 campaign to give people across Europe the chance to take a virtual journey through European cultural heritage. Do you want to test the VR experience yourself? Take a look at this page to see the dates and locations.

This experience reminds us of Photopolis that we created for the Dutch National Archives. Here, people are guided through a city that is made from photo collections. Curious to see what VR can do for you? Contact us and we can have a chat!

The highlight of the exhibition is without a doubt the pink elephant in Prince Bernhard's study

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