A historic battle in VR

In 1815, horses galloped, muskets and cannons fired and smoke filled the air. There was only one mission: victory! The Battle of Waterloo was decided more than 200 years ago, this battle was significant for the deterioration of Napoleon’s empire.

LiveTour5D asked us to recreate the historical battle so that it can be relived in the here and now. The VR experience of the Battle of Waterloo will be provided on site to visitors of the museum.

It's all happening right before your eyes

Although literature and documentaries give a good impression, this experience gives visitors a real-life scale representation of the battle. Fighting soldiers, canons and guns firing: it’s all taking place just in front of your eyes. We captured the battle in just four minutes. Visitors to the museum can easily choose their desired language by holding the Gear VR to a sign, which holds NFC tags. These NFC tags are programmed with different languages that the headset recognizes immediately.

More than a historic experience

Besides historical experiences, we provide different types of virtual reality solutions for architecture, engineering, healthcare and training. Curious what VR can do for you? Feel free to contact us so that we can have a chat!

Ready to take the next step with your project?

Explore and discover the applications of virtual reality? Set a new standard that will upgrade your organization?

Contact us and in thoughtful and practical steps we go towards the first concept.

    Bart Kok
    Creative Director

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