"A herd of pink elephants marches through Prince Bernhard's office!"

“The highlight of the exhibition is without a doubt the pink elephant in Prince Bernhard’s study”, as stated by the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’, the morning after the first day of the BAL! exhibition at Soestdijk Palace. “A herd of pink elephants is marching through Prince Bernhard’s office!

Virtual reality enriches the exhibition

Pink elephants do not exist in real life, but they are indeed present in virtual reality. For an art project by René van Engelenburg we created a virtual reality experience, which was set up in the study of Prince Bernhard. It was a great project to be a part of.

Visitors to the exhibition immediately see a pink elephant in the middle of the room as they enter. As soon as a visitor sits on the back of the elephant and puts on the VR headset, he/she is completely immersed in the virtual reality experience.

The study of Prince Bernhard through the years

The visitor finds himself in a virtual representation of Prince Bernhard’s study. This room is a 3D scan of the current state of the chamber. After that, you see a 360-degree photo of Prince Bernhard’s study as it looked years back. The music starts to play and the photo transitions into a virtual room. Pink elephants appear, dancing in circles around the visitor. Prince Bernhard had a great passion for elephants. He collected hundreds of trumps and filled the room with it. To relive this, we have placed countless quantities of elephants, rhinos and hippos throughout the room.

Be the elephant in the room

With his obsession for elephants in mind, we added an extra layer to the experience: once you are in the virtual room, you change into an elephant with a big trunk on your nose! With that trunk you can topple everything in the room.

The highlight of the exhibition is without a doubt the pink elephant in Prince Bernhard's study

Paola van de VeldeDe Telegraaf

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