What possibilities does virtual reality offer for museums?

Virtual reality makes an exhibition an unforgettable and interactive experience for your visitors. Virtual Reality offers museums the opportunity to present their offer more interesting and challenging to its audience.

The National Archive in The Hague is the depository of Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands. They want to make it more accessible and attractive to a larger and younger audience. Continuously, the Nationaal Archief is looking for new technologies and innovations to attract more people to its exhibitions. With the rise of virtual reality in 2015, they immediately saw the potential of this. At present, few parties were active in the Netherlands. Through an online search, they came to The Virtual Dutch Men.

Added value of VR for museums

The National Archive facilitates various exhibitions to make its large selection of more than 15 million photos accessible to a wide audience. In their exhibition Blikvangers they were looking for a new dimension with Virtual Reality. They were looking for a pragmatic and thoughtful approach. On the one hand to make the most of the power and potential of Virtual Reality, on the other to test the added value of Virtual Reality among visitors within a predefined budget.

Enriching existing photo material with virtual reality

The existing photo material has been used as a starting point. With an innovative technique, the photos were scanned and made suitable for virtual reality, without having to create a whole new virtual reality environment for each collection. The photos were scanned in such a way that the quality of the photo was retained. Besides this, we created an online 360-degree tour, so that visitors from different perspectives and locations could experience the photos.

Experiences and results

The museum visitors reacted enthusiastically and were very positive about the 360-degree tour. They said that the collection really came to life for them. They experienced the exhibition from a whole different perspective and dimension with virtual reality. The National Archives will definitely make use of virtual reality more often after this successful project, aiming to increase the experience and interaction of its exhibitions.

The Virtual Dutch Men introduced us to the possibilities of Virtual Reality. They also gave us insight into what to do in VR content-wise and what not to do. They helped us by cutting the development timeline of the application in small iterative blocks, which made such a big project easily manageable.

Karijn DelenThe Dutch National Archives

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