Virtual reality informs and convinces

One of the worst nightmares for parents is the thought that their child falls from the window of the upper floor. Virtual reality provides an effective way to provide insight into the potential hazards of opening windows by children. Roto Frank used this technique to inform and convince customers: “We want to show how Roto is innovative and up-to-date with the latest ideas and technology,” explains marketing specialist Caroline Berrens.

A playful presentation method

Roto Frank was looking for a playful product presentation for a trade fair, that would stand out among other companies present. The main goal was to represent the special function of their child-safe window, consisting of a special handle that limits the opening of the window in certain situations so that children cannot climb outside. The experience illustrated a nursery that shows the necessity of the ‘Roto Child Safety Window’

A change of perspective

For the occasion, we created a virtual reality experience where users can gain insight into the possible dangers of children who can open windows themselves. In the first minutes, the users are welcomed in a white room. After a short introduction of the virtual experience – the room around the user is slowly drawn. The room is furnished with a bed, toys, a teddy bear and a window. After the construction is complete, the story begins. “Imagine that you are a child who is discovering the room and looking at the window, the outside world is very interesting for children, you might see a friend playing outside on the street, and opening the window is pretty easy.” The user perspective transforms into the perspective of a child that is exploring the room and wants to open the window. The window opens completely and the user can see the incredible height. Suddenly an ambulance enters the street … something could have gone terribly wrong here!

The environment disappears and the ‘Roto Child Safety Window’ is placed in the virtual space in front of the user. The user has been dictated to re-open the window. However, the child can only tilt the window so that possible danger is averted. Roto Frank – and visitors to the exhibition – were very impressed and enthusiastic about the virtual reality experience!

The experience was shown at the Polyclose fair in Ghent, Belgium.

It is really great. When I first put on the virtual reality headset and stepped inside, I did not expect to be blown away like this. But I must say, it is very, very impressive. Anyone who gets the chance should try it!

Ferry van WezelRoto Frank

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    Bart Kok
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