Virtual reality for a new hospital

Virtual reality makes it possible to create a hyper-realistic plan for a new hospital building. Specialists and patients can experience the rooms as if they were actually there. This helps to generate targeted input and feedback about the most practical and workable layout and setup.

The operating theatres and the cardiac catheterisation rooms at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) were in need of renovation in order to comply with the latest guidelines and technologies and to improve patient safety.

Virtual reality as an alternative to costly mock-ups

In order to make these improvements, the users and knowledge providers were actively involved in the development of the new building. LUMC previously used mock-ups when designing a new building. However, they lacked the necessary budget for this and decided to explore other alternatives. This is how they found virtual reality. The Virtual Dutch Men was asked to create a virtual reality demo environment based on the existing 3D models of the new building. This environment had to make it possible for specialists and users to realistically experience their new work area.

The added value of virtual reality

The responses to the virtual reality environment were overwhelmingly positive. The suppliers, specialists and users could easily navigate the area and experience the depth of the environment. The sessions with users generate even more positive responses. The sight lines and the prime position of the screens allowed for a detailed experience.

Clinical physicians, instrument technicians, cardiologists, lab technicians, thorax surgeons, anaesthetists, perfusionists and operating theatre staff provided active input and feedback on the ideal layout and design of the facilities.

Experience with and results of VR applications

Practical problems can now be addressed at an early stage, thereby generating more support for a new building with an integral approach. Virtual reality has proven to be a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to expensive mock-ups. The Virtual Dutch Men made clever use of the existing 3D building models to create the virtual reality environment.

Their virtual reality demo immediately convinced us of their approach and the added value for our complex construction project.' They know how to use the existing 3D models to get the most out of virtual reality.

Sander van der MeerLUMC

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