Virtual reality training for fire safety

A virtual reality training can help you develop a realistic and risk-based fire safety approach. Rivierduinen was one of the first health-care institutions to put this into practice. As one of the largest mental health care facilities in Zuid-Holland, GGZ Rivierduinen caters to patients with psychological and psychiatric conditions. Creating a fire-safe environment is crucial. Rivierduinen sets the bar extremely high when it comes to fire safety.

Towards realistic fire safety

In 2011, Rivierduinen met all fire safety legislation. Unfortunately, things went terribly wrong during a fire that same year. The experience taught them a lot. Risks and realistic scenarios now form the basis of their approach, with standard emergency response protocols and evacuation drills creating a complementary whole. Rivierduinen actively pursued alternative training methods and new technologies, which ultimately led them to virtual reality.

Fire safety virtual reality training

Virtual reality is an excellent way to simulate highly realistic fire scenarios; scenarios that are too expensive or impossible to carry out in real life. Can a virtual reality training demonstrably contribute to reducing fire safety risks? This was the question Rivierduinen asked The Virtual Dutch Men. Together, we examined a critical scenario, the risks for which have since been minimised in practice. This scenario resulted in the door procedure and the fire notification protocol. The limited skills and actions of the emergency response team had to be improved.

VR training pilot in practice

To ensure recognition and a natural response, we scanned one Rivierduinen location. We then translated this content into a virtual reality environment. Based on the agreed learning objectives, we then added action scenarios to the environment. All actions in the scenarios were recorded and linked to the learning objectives.

We actively involved users and encouraged feedback during each step of the development process. We also regularly asked whether virtual reality was delivering the desired added value. The responses have been extremely positive so far and users experience the VR scenario as very realistic. It gives them more insight into their own responses and actions during an escalating situation. The virtual reality training module is now being rolled out across the organisation.

They showed us possibilities that we never could have imagined. They also translated our challenge into a targeted VR scenario that helps our employees practice their emergency response skills in a more realistic and interactive way.

Rob BergmansRivierduinen

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