Medical 3D Lab Enschede, The Netherlands

During the opening of the Medical 3D Print Lab at the Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente, invited guests could view scan data prepared by MST interactively in 3D using augmented reality through a Microsoft HoloLens.

The realisation of the Medical 3D Print Lab in Enschede results from collaboration between MST, Saxion and the 3D Print company LayaLay. In the first cases, 3D prints are made so that medical specialists can prepare tailor-made operations, even before entering the operating room. This leads to shorter operating times, a shorter period in which anaesthesia is used and a smaller surgical wound.

Augmented Reality

The Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality application that we developed with the Technical Medical Centre of MST offers a lot of possibilities for the future.

The technology interactively projects 2D, 3D and 4D images of patients by placing them on the patient’s body.

When this technique can be used for surgical planning, the operation time can be greatly reduced since there is a much better understanding of anatomical relationships, which has many advantages for the patient.

Multi-user experience

By linking additional HoloLens headsets in a network, several users can simultaneously use the application together, e.g. for training or clinical purposes.

During the demonstration at MST, using an augmented reality app on an iPad Pro, bystanders could ‘watch’ with the user who operated the HoloLens.

Education and knowledge transfer

Aside from preparing for an operation, the scan data can be used by the doctor to demonstrate to the patient in his/her own body what will happen during a surgical procedure and medical students can perform virtual dissections on (virtual) cadavers. Ultimately, when the technology really works precisely, surgeons will receive real-time information about their patient during surgery and see the underlying organs and tissue without making a single incision.

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