Practical cases

World premiere ‘EIGHT’ at Holland Festival 2019

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This week, Tuesday 4th of June, we celebrated the world premiere of 'Eight' at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam! With an almost complete team we took the time to raise…

Connec2VR: Next level collaboration

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The technology we developed for our virtual collaboration platform - Connec2VR - allows you to have a lifelike social experience where physical distances disappear. A high quality voice, accurate movements and…

Virtual Reality training platform for healthcare professionals

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The Virtual Dutch Men have set up a modular platform 'VR Fire Safety’ together with De Zorg Brandveilig - a platform of Healthcare branch organizations (Brancheorganisaties Zorg) and The Netherlands…

Telepresence: The future of communication and collaboration

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Amsterdam - Kinly, a global specialist in visual collaboration, gives an insight into the future of video conferencing during Integrated Systems Europe 2019. The Virtual Dutch Men developed a demo experience that…

Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality for surgical use

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During the opening of the Medical 3D Print Lab at the Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente, invited guests could view scan data prepared by MST interactively in…

BNN Proefkonijnen – Eyes in the back of your head

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Ever thought of using a virtual reality headset to answer scientific questions on TV? Well, we did! The hosts of the Dutch TV show ‘Proefkonijnen’ (broadcasted on BNN) wanted to…

Virtual reality training for fire safety

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A virtual reality training can help you develop a realistic and risk-based fire safety approach. Rivierduinen was one of the first health-care institutions to put this into practice. As one…

Virtual Reality for a new hospital

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Virtual reality makes it possible to create a hyper-realistic plan for a new hospital building. Specialists and patients can experience the rooms as if they were actually there. This helps…

The depository of Cultural Heritage in virtual reality

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Virtual reality makes an exhibition an unforgettable and interactive experience for your visitors. Virtual Reality offers museums the opportunity to present their offer more interesting and challenging to its audience.…

VR and children’s safety – Roto Child Safety Window

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One of the worst nightmares for parents is the thought that their child falls from the window of the upper floor. Virtual reality provides an effective way to provide insight…

Battle of Waterloo in Virtual Reality

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In 1815, horses galloped, muskets and cannons fired and smoke filled the air. There was only one mission: victory! The Battle of Waterloo was decided more than 200 years ago,…

The Mine Explorer: bringing the archives to life

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Experiencing historical coal mines, on the exact same location the history was made! The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision asked us to create an innovative experience around these mines,…

BAL! Soestdijk – VR in the study of prince Bernhard

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"The highlight of the exhibition is without a doubt the pink elephant in Prince Bernhard's study", as stated by the Dutch newspaper 'De Telegraaf', the morning after the first day…

EUseum: Europe’s first VR-museum

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience all the European exhibitions in one central place, without the need to travel from one country to the other? That would save…

IDFA: Bert Hana – I’m Not Home Video

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Director and found footage fanatic Bert Hana has been collecting home videos and answering machines for years.  I Am Not Home Video is a virtual translation of a selection of…

Experiencing the struggles of Parkinson’s in Virtual Reality

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Health care professionals can experience the daily struggles of having Parkinson’s disease themselves, by using virtual reality. This enables them to have a better understanding of their patients. The idea…

#BigArtRide: discovering European cultural heritage in Virtual Reality

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European art should be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean that it should to be boring! We thought of a way of presenting European cultural heritage in an innovative and…

KLM Boeing 787 Dreamliner VR Experience. We’ll take you flying!

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KLM is expanding its fleet with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. KLM was looking for a suitable and innovative way of presenting the new aircraft and its special features to the…

Transavia onboard Virtual Reality Entertainment

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Virtual reality as on board entertainment: a perfect answer to Transavia’s wish of innovative on board entertainment. The Virtual Dutch Men created three unique virtual reality experiences to optimize the…

They created outstanding and super-realistic impressions by truly understanding the customer. They are fast, solution-oriented and offer an excellent price-quality ratio.

Piet van SlochterenProjectcoördinator, Van Wijnen

Their virtual reality demo immediately convinced us of their approach and the added value for our complex construction project. They know how to use the existing 3D models to get the most out of virtual reality.

Sander van der MeerClinical Physicist, Lumc

The latest innovations of the Virtual Dutch Men make them VR pioneers in the Netherlands. They have an undeniable talent for applying the latest experimental VR technologies. .

Gijs den ButterCEO, Sense glove

The Virtual Dutch Men helps us sell our projects faster and better with 3D and VR presentations. They draw on the latest innovations to improve our sales process and our customer satisfaction.

Gert Jan Ten BrinkeHoofd Planontwikkeling, Roosdom Tijhuis

They know how to bring projects to life by creating a beautiful visual of what it's going to look like. These visualisations help our customers envision the atmosphere and the ultimate experience.

Lars van EngelenSnippe Projecten

It takes initiative, courage and insight to create spot-on impressions for large tender projects. Excellent availability, great collaboration and solution-oriented.

Sytse Jan Zoodsmaarchitect Wind Architecten Adviseurs

The Virtual Dutch Men develop creative and carefully considered VR solutions. Their curiosity, enthusiasm and passion for virtual reality is infectious!

Thomas van ElsEnliven 3D

They introduced us to the concrete application potential of virtual reality and showed us what was possible. They also developed the content in small, iterative blocks, making it easier to understand.

Karijn DelenProjectleider Presentaties, Nationaal Archief

They showed us possibilities that we never could have imagined. They translated our challenge into a targeted VR scenario that helps our employees practice their emergency response skills in a more realistic and interactive way.

Rob Bergmans Beleidsadviseur brandveiligheid, Rivierduinen

Their visualisations really appeal to our target group. Together, we are able to create the right atmosphere, details and experiences. The partnership was defined by a quick response time and pragmatic and accessible communication.

Evert SlootenArtica

Bart Kok
Creative Director

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